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Complete Wire Saw Machine



Wire Saw Machine is diamond wire cutting machine with high productivity product for the dimension stone industry. It creates a perfectly smooth face of the block and is capable of cutting both vertical and horizontal and close to ground level so that you get an even bottom. Maximum performance is ensured with full documentation and control of the cutting parameters and cutting processes. We develop the Wire Saw Machine to suit Indian quarrying conditions. In Addition to a completely user-friendly design.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cuts a perfectly smooth surface
  • High cutting speed
  • Low wire consumption
  • Full control of the cutting process
  • Biggest cutting capacity on the market
  • Heavy & Robust Design
  • Advanced Technology on the basis of its high quality & reliability
  • State of art control panel which increases the wire saw efficiency.

The design of power and machine systems, specially suits to various working conditions of quarry.

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